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EYBL Hampton had plenty of good prospects

May 12, 2012 Columns No Comments

HAMPTON, Va. – The Nike Elite Youth Basketball League held its second session to close out the month of April. Long the home of the Boo Williams Invitational, there was still a tournament in 15-under and 16-under in addition to each of the 40 teams in the EYBL playing five games to build on the four they played in Minneapolis the prior weekend. A couple of time slots had no EYBL games scheduled and thus allowed for a look at a few younger players as well.

For the first time in many years, this event was live for Division I coaches, and the turnout was quite impressive as expected. A number of head coaches, including some big names, were in the building to scope out some of the best talent in the country and not just among the class of 2013.

Without further adieu, here’s a look at some of the notable prospects who competed in Hampton.

Beejay Anya (6’9″ Jr. PF, Hyattsville (MD) DeMatha Catholic HS) Wide-bodied post player appears to be in better shape, which was previously a major concern. It still is a concern, as he could stand to continue the work he’s already done since he’s not lacking talent. He had a couple of games where he was just about automatic when he got the ball, and wasn’t quite the factor on the boards he could be.

Levan Alston (Fr. SG, Haverford (PA) School) The son of the former Temple guard is a baby physically but plenty talented in his own right. He scored 13 points in a late Saturday playoff win, finishing while fouled and showing a little touch shooting the ball.

Chai Baker (6’3″ So. SG, Malone (FL) High) An athletic wing with a good frame, he has the look of a scorer but didn’t have the consistency this weekend. While he reached double figures three times, he didn’t score well in the other two at all. His body isn’t there yet, so he still has a physical boost ahead of him.

Joel Berry (6’1″ So. PG, Apopka (FL) Lake Highland Prep) An excellent young floor leader, he’s capable of scoring and running the team efficiently and did just that here. Even when he wasn’t scoring, as was the case in his team’s last game, he was running the team well as he had six assists with just one turnover in all 32 minutes. He was able to finish while getting fouled and shot the ball reasonably well from long range.

Tanveer Bhullar (7’3″ Jr. C, Brampton (Ont.) Huntington Prep) His big body will leap out at you, but he wasn’t much of a factor all weekend. The game seems too fast for him, and despite his size he had just one blocked shot in four games (he sat out one along the way). On the plus side, he did show that he can pass out of the post well, which helps since he doesn’t look like much of a scoring threat.

Jabari Bird (6’6″ Jr. SF, Vallejo (CA) Salesian HS) He has a very good reputation, but didn’t look like it a couple of times this weekend, including a game where he went scoreless in just three minutes of play. His body isn’t there yet, and he isn’t the most athletic player, but he hit a short jumper with contact from the defender, finished with his left (off) hand and was just okay shooting the ball.

Tre’Lun Blanks (6’0″ Jr. PG, Baton Rouge (LA) Scotlandville HS) A guard with a mature body, his size dictates that he play the point at another level but he looked more at home as a scorer. He has a slight frame but finished well with contact and also used a hesitation move nicely, and does have some range on the jumper.

Devin Booker (6’5″ So. SG-SF, Ocean Springs (MS) Moss Point HS) A plus athlete on the wing, he had three solid games sandwiched between two games where he didn’t play so well. He started Saturday off with a nice 6-7 showing from the field for 16 points, showing he can finish with the left (off) hand and a little range on his jumper, although shooting doesn’t look like his forte offensively.

Brian Bridgewater (6’6″ Jr. PF, Baton Rouge (LA) Episcopal HS) A post player with a wide frame and mature body, he’s more athletic than he looks but didn’t fare quite so well when he strayed out to the perimeter. He had 25 points on 10-11 shooting in one game, but playing on the perimeter he had no assists and three turnovers with only about average ball skills.

Douglas Brooks (6’3″ Jr. SG, Lake Wales (FL) High) Although he’s in the game for one main purpose offensively, which is shooting the ball, he’s certainly not one-dimensional. He had a couple of nice shooting games and has to be watched defensively on the perimeter, but he also does well at the other end. He has a good frame, moves well laterally and played some very good on-the-ball defense.

Kameron Chatman (6’6″ So. SF, Long Beach (CA) Poly HS) Long lefty wing had a nice game in a tough loss for his team on Friday night, although he had a couple of games where he struggled to score later. His skill set isn’t there yet, but he showed a nice touch shooting the ball and passed well from the wing.

Wesley Clark (6’0″ Jr. PG, Romulus (MI) High) A tough floor leader with a good frame and body, he battled all game long and handled the press well when he faced it. While he made his mark as a floor leader with a lot of good passing and intangibles, he also showed he could score with stop-and-pop jumpers and drives to the basket, the latter using his above-average quickness.

Austin Colbert (6’9″ Jr. PF, Florham Park (NJ) Hotchkiss School) With a good body that isn’t there yet, he certainly passes the “look” test but didn’t do much on the court until Sunday. He needs to get stronger, but his hands look questionable, especially with rebounding, and while he has a good reputation he sure didn’t play up to it here.

Antonio Davis, Jr. (6’8″ Jr. SF-PF, Buford (GA) High) The son of the former NBA post player by the same name, the lefty is long and his body isn’t there yet. He didn’t have a very good weekend in the stat sheet, but he showed a decent skill package that will need some upgrading as he matures.

Kyle Davis (6’1″ Jr. PG-SG, Chicago (IL) Morgan Park HS) A very athletic guard, he was a force in transition, finishing well often and putting up a couple of nice games from it. While he looks like more of a scorer than a shooter, he did go 4-5 from long range in one game and his jumper must be respected, and he can also get a few rebounds from the perimeter.

Noah Dickerson (6’8″ Fr. PF, Atlanta (GA) Lovett School) Already a load inside, he doesn’t have all good weight but has a good frame and moves very well inside. In a stellar 23-point outing, he backed in his man for a basket, ran the floor to get transition hoops, and found ways to score inside all night long.

Malik Ellison (6’1″ Fr. PG, Bryn Mawr (PA) Shipley School) The son of former NBA player Pervis Ellison is a baby physically and likely not done growing. He had a nice showing as the point guard of a talented team and helped them to a playoff win over a very good team.

Tyler Ennis (6’3″ Jr. PG, Brampton (Ont.) St. Benedict’s) It’s easy for him to be overshadowed by teammate Andrew Wiggins, but he’s an excellent player in his own right. A very heady floor leader, he scored several times off broken plays and finished well, and he did a nice job of scoring and making teammates better. Not only did he top 20 points twice, but he also handed out 21 assists and just four turnovers. High-major prospect.

Kobie Eubanks (6’5″ So. SG-SF, Fort Lauderdale (FL) American Heritage HS) A talented wing with a good frame, he had a couple of nice scoring games, including one where he went 6-7 from the field and made all four of his shots from long range. The inconsistency one might expect of a young player is there, but he’s athletic and talented and his body has a little ways to go, so there’s not a shortage of potential.

Sam Foreman (5’11” Fr. PG-SG, Haverford (PA) School) An aggressive guard, he’s not afraid of contact and finished several times with contact in his many forays to the hoop. His aggressiveness was at both ends of the floor, and at the offensive end he finished well and showed some good speed with the ball. If there’s a knock, it’s that his size dictates he play the point unless he grows, and he’s wired to score but looks like he’s fairly mature physically.

Lennard Freeman (6’8″ Jr. PF, Washington (DC) St. John’s HS) A plus athlete with a good frame, he was a nice contributor off the bench for his team, especially on the boards. He has a good frame and uses it well to box out, and his body still has a little maturing to do. Offense wasn’t his specialty, but in his role he did well. Mid-major prospect.

Kavin Gilder-Tilbury (6’7″ Jr. SF-PF, Cypress (TX) Cy-Falls HS) One of the few bright spots for a team who got blown out on Friday night, he has a good frame and is a plus athlete. His body isn’t there yet, but he went for 16 points by scoring several different ways, showing he can finish with his left (off) hand along the way.

Colton Gober (5’10” Jr. PG-SG, Colleyville (TX) Heritage HS) A very undersized shooter, his long range shooting grabbed attention on Friday as he went 5-8 and also had three assists. What’s likely to limit his recruitment is that he doesn’t look like a point guard, has a mature body and isn’t physically gifted.

Brandon Goodwin (6’0″ Jr. SG, Norcross (GA) High) If he were a few inches taller, we would be talking about someone who could play at the highest level in college, as he’s undersized for the shooting guard spot. His best game was a nice 16-point outing on Saturday, where he shot the ball well from long range and combined with a couple of teammates to give the opposing defense fits from the backcourt. In addition, he made a nice long lead pass and showed a few good ways to score.

Derrick Griffin (6’7″ Jr. PF, Rosenberg (TX) Terry HS) Despite standing just 6’7″, he’s the top shot-blocker thus far in EYBL with 3.7 per game. A plus athlete, he has a wide frame and had a double-double while consistently being a presence on the glass and made a good percentage of his shots.

Nick Griffin (6’1″ Jr. SG, Rockville (MD) Magruder HS) A capable shooter, he’s undersized but had a couple of very good games from long range. His body isn’t there yet, and it wouldn’t hurt if he added to what he currently has off the bounce. Mid-major prospect.

Thomas Hamilton (6’9″ Jr. PF, Chicago (IL) Whitney Young HS) The son of the former NBA big man is built like his father and at times tried to do too much. He can be a nice inside player and also pass the ball reasonably well, but had several turnovers in a couple of games from trying to do too much.

Joshua Hart (6’5″ Jr. SF, Washington (DC) Sidwell Friends School) A wing player with a good frame and relatively mature body, he’s not the most athletic or the best shooter, but he had a decent weekend that included a double-double. In fact, he rebounded well the balance of the weekend for his position and generally played well within the team concept. Mid-major prospect.

Quinton Hooker (6’1″ Jr. SG, Brooklyn Center (MN) Park Center HS) A guard with a mature body, he was a solid complement to one of the best scorers in EYBL with a few double-digit scoring games. He did some of it with some good long range shooting, but also rebounded well given his size and had one game where he had four assists with just one turnover.

Aaron Jackson (6’6″ Jr. SF, Gahanna (OH) Lincoln HS) Save for one game where he just couldn’t get going, this athletic wing had a nice weekend. He has some length and was able to drive and finish with contact, as well as dunk home a miss, so he did much of his damage near the basket. Another plus is that he rebounded well from the position, coming close to a double-double twice.

Justin Jackson (6’7″ So. SF, Houston (TX) HYCA) Long and still a baby physically, he impressed at this event last year and has done nothing to dispel the idea that he has a very bright future ahead of himself. He scored in double figures in all five games and can do a lot of things, scoring with a leaner from the right side, a post-up and fade-away jumper or a runner in the lane. Scoring isn’t all he does, but the way he does it tells you how good he can be.

Parker Jackson-Cartwright (5’9″ So. PG, Los Angeles (CA) Loyola HS) A small point guard, he seemed to get better as the game went along in a Saturday afternoon win for his team. A steady floor leader, he scored in double figures several times and combined with Jordan Matthews for a nice perimeter duo.

Rondae Jefferson (6’7″ Jr. SF, Chester (PA) High) One of the best all-around players in the event, he had a very nice game in a losing effort on Saturday as he posted a double-double to go with five assists and no turnovers. The lefty didn’t duplicate that every time out, and had a couple of games where he struggled shooting, but there’s a lot to like as he’s athletic and has a good body, was aggressive and showed some ability to be a point forward-type of player and can use his right (off) hand. High-major prospect.

Dakari Johnson (7’0″ So. C, Brooklyn (NY) Monteverde Academy) Probably the best big man in the event, he has a good body that can still mature more, moves well inside and ran the floor well. He averaged 21 points and nine rebounds this weekend and is one of the top rebounders in EYBL thus far. He scored in close and on short jumpers, and showed good fundamentals inside.

Jeremy Johnson (6’6″ Jr. SF-PF, Montgomery (AL) Carver HS) An athletic forward, he looks like an undersized power forward but also hit the occasional three-point shot and seems to be athletic enough for the position. He scored in double figures a few times, and when posting up he was able to explode to the basket inside.

Kejuan Johnson (6’6″ Fr. SF, Atlanta (GA) Wheeler HS) Athletic wing has a good body, especially for his age, and has a lot of potential. He showed some of that with a nice double-double early on Sunday, where he also added four assists, and while shooting doesn’t appear to be his forte his jumper looks good enough to have to be respected.

Stanley Johnson (6’7″ So. SF, Fullerton (CA) Mater Dei HS) This post player with a relatively mature body looked like a better prospect than more highly-regarded teammate Jabari Bird on Sunday with a double-double. He scored in close and was a good presence on the glass for his team, and he also got a nice block on one play.

Damian Jones (6’9″ Jr. PF, Baton Rouge (LA) Scotlandville Magnet HS) A long post player, he undoubtedly benefits from playing alongside Julius Randle but is a fine prospect all his own. He has a good frame and was aggressive when he got the ball, even going up left-handed at times, and has potential to be a scorer if he can finish better. He showed good post moves but didn’t finish well, and on the defensive end he blocked a few shots. High-major prospect.

Matthew Jones (6’5″ Jr. SG-SF, DeSoto (TX) High) One of the best scorers here, he went for 20 points in a blowout win on Friday night and made it look easy. A lot of those points came in transition, and this athletic win can also hit from long range. High-major prospect has committed to Duke.

Torren Jones (6’8″ Jr. SF-PF, Chandler (AZ) Basha HS) With his athleticism and good body, one would figure he could be one of the best players at least on his team, but he wasn’t quite the factor he should be. Offensively, he needs some work, as the ball skills aren’t there for the small forward spot and he’s not a big scorer inside. The good thing is that he can rebound. High-major/high-major minus prospect.

Tyus Jones (6’1″ So. PG, Apple Valley (MN) High) One of the top guards here, he leads EYBL in assists thus far and also went for 37 points in one game. What’s better is that he is shooting over 50 percent from the field to this point and not turning the ball over much. He helped his team come up with a nice win on Saturday night with a double-double of 18 points and 10 assists (just one turnover) and had lows of 15 points and five assists on the weekend.

Nicholas King (6’7″ Jr. SF, Memphis (TN) East HS) Lanky wing was a steady double-digit scorer for his team on the weekend, with a couple of very good shooting games along the way. The lefty looks to be more of a scorer than a shooter, posting a double-double in one game, and also looked a little out of control at times although the offensive talent is certainly there.

Moses Kingsley (6’9″ Jr. PF, New Albany (MS) High) He passes the look test, and while he had a nice game to open up the weekend with 13 points on 6-6 shooting, you get the feeling he could have been a little better. Athletic and with a good body, he looks like he can face the basket at the offensive end as well as playing on the low block.

Marcus Lee (6’9″ Jr . PF, Antioch (CA) Deer Valley HS) A very long post player with some physical maturity, he had a nice weekend although his stat line wasn’t great in a couple of games. He used his length to rebound and block shots, generally being a nice post presence at the defensive end while showing a little offensive promise. While he was 7-9 from the field in one game, offense isn’t his forte right now, although he did show that he could finish while getting fouled, something he should do better with added strength. High-major prospect.

William Lee (6’8″ So. PF, Selma (AL) Dallas County HS) Long and athletic forward started off Saturday with a double-double in a losing effort. That appeared to be his best game by a good margin, as he was a non-factor in others although his rebounding seemed to be a constant. He can block shots, although that’s hardly his forte, and showed some semblance of offense although he was hardly a big scorer.

Chris Lewis (6’7″ SF, Alpharetta (GA) Northwestern Middle School) An eighth grader playing up with the freshmen, his body has a ways to go but he’s long and showed some offensive tools in a late game on Saturday night. He will attend Milton High School next year and will surely be on many colleges’ radars over the next few years.

Isaiah Lewis (6’3″ Jr. SG, Middle Village (NY) Christ The King HS) A guard with a little length, the questionable shot selection he showed in an early Sunday game might be a big reason why he didn’t shoot all that well. He’s capable of hitting some jumpers, while also showing an ability to hit a floater one time, but his shooting lines weren’t very good all weekend.

Jalen Lindsey (6’7″ So. SF, Nashville (TN) Christ Presbyterian Academy) Athletic wing has a ways to go physically but has the tools to be a solid player down the road. His jumper just looked okay, although he has range out to the three-point line, and his rebounding was a little inconsistent. Still, he does a few things to help his team and has a good deal of upside.

Trey Lyles (6’10” So. PF-C, Indianapolis (IN) Tech) A consistent scorer and rebounder over the weekend, he has a good body and showed some good scoring tools from a post move around his man to a long two-point shot. His presence on the glass certainly helped, and he had a double-double along the way.

Austin Malone-Mitchell (6’3″ Jr. PG-SG, Milwaukee (WI) Rufus King HS) A consistently steady presence at the point for his team, he ran the show and took care of the ball while also showing off a shooting touch. He has a slight frame, but will rebound from his position (had 12 in a comeback win on Friday night) and had the game-winning three-point shot in overtime for his only one from long range.

Akolda Manyang (7’0″ Jr. C, Duluth (MN) East HS) Very long post player was unfortunately injured early in a Saturday evening game, and although he returned later it wasn’t for long. He’s not lacking ball skills or a motor, which help him inside, and he looks like an intriguing prospect. Unfortunately he was done for the weekend after the aforementioned left foot/ankle injury.

Nate Mason (5’11” So. PG, Decatur (GA) Columbia HS) A small guard, he was quietly solid with several double-digit scoring efforts to go with some decent assist numbers. He did a nice job of creating scoring opportunities for himself and teammates, and ensured that the point was a position of strength for his team.

Jordan Mathews (6’3″ Jr. SG, Santa Monica (CA) High) One of the top scorers through the first two sessions, he has a good body and at times shot very well from long range. In all, he scored well and does enough other things to not be one-dimensional, and he was a pretty consistent scorer on the weekend.

Elbert Matthews (6’4″ Jr. SG, Romulus (MI) High) Athletic lefty wing had a very good weekend, averaging just under 20 points per game. Possessing a good frame as well, he finished well as you’d expect a scorer to do, while doing enough with his jumper for it to have to be respected.

Xavier Rathan Mayes (6’4″ Jr. SG, Scarborough (Ont.) Huntington Prep) A wing with a good body, his stroke looked good although his jumper wasn’t going down early in a Saturday game. That was an aberration, and he did more than enough to show that he’s not one-dimensional, as he also did some scoring off the bounce, and all along he rebounded well from the wing and also showed some good passing ability.

Isaac McGlone (6’1″ Jr. SG, Lancaster (OH) Bloom Carroll HS) Mainly an undersized shooter, he has a thin upper body and had a couple of good games shooting the ball from long range. Although he’s not a point guard, he looks like he can handle the ball well enough for the shooting guard spot.

Tosin Mehinti (6’10” Jr. C, Lithonia (GA) Greenforest HS) A post player with a good body, he was a nice presence on the glass for his team, reaching double figures twice in rebounding including a double-double on Saturday. His offensive game needs some work, although he threw down a couple of powerful dunks, as he isn’t very good facing the basket and trying to drive, which he did a few times.

Jerry Melton (6’3″ Jr. SG, Ruston (LA) High) A wing with a good body, he looks to be more of a shooter than a scorer. His athleticism isn’t exactly off the charts, but he showed a good stroke and some range on the jumper, and was able to hit off the dribble as well as off the catch.

Janarius Middleton (6’8″ Jr. PF, Greenwood (MS) Amanda Elzy HS) A consistent bright spot for his team, he has some length and wasn’t far from a double-double in a couple of games. He didn’t seem to have any one way he especially scored, although he got a few stickbacks from being active on the offensive glass.

Boubacar Moungoro (6’6″ So. SF, Orlando (FL) West Oaks HS) A long wing, his body isn’t there yet but he looks to be a potentially better player than he showed here. He had a couple of good games scoring and was a reasonably good rebounder from his position, but his numbers won’t wow you.

Lourawls Nairn, Jr. (5’10” So. PG, Wichita (KS) Sunrise Christian Academy) A quick point guard with a decent frame, he had a decent weekend with a couple of pretty good games and a couple where he wasn’t much of a factor. He showed some scoring ability, including a nice floater in the lane one time while getting fouled, and ran the team capably with a couple of nice assist/turnover numbers.

Emmanuel Ndumanya (6’10” Jr. PF-C, Gardena (CA) Serra HS) A well-built post player with a good frame, he was a quietly effective inside presence off the bench for his team. At the offensive end, he didn’t show much, but he was a solid rebounder and should only get better if he sheds some of the baby fat as he doesn’t have all good weight on his body.

Duane Notice (6’4″ Jr. SG, Woodbridge (Ont.) St. Michael’s HS) Well-built wing has a good frame and is a plus athlete, so he’s not lacking in physical gifts. He was a solid contributor off the bench, shooting well and contributing on the glass from the perimeter. One highlight was a long lead pass he made for a layup, which showed that he’s also an above-average passer for a shooting guard.

Kendrick Nunn (6’3″ Jr. SG, Chicago (IL) Simeon HS) Lefty wing started the weekend nicely, reaching double digits in scoring in each of his team’s first three games including a 25-point outing on Saturday. He scored well shooting from long range as well as off the bounce, as he drove well to the basket and hit some big shots, and also competed at the defensive end and talked often there, making himself a key factor for his team.

Semilore Ojeleye (6’7″ Jr. SF-PF, Ottawa (KS) High) Talented forward has a good frame and a body that’s college-ready to go with some good skills at the offensive end. More of a perimeter player than post player, he showed that he can use his left hand and was able to finish with contact. He started the weekend well with a 27-point outing on 10-15 shooting against one of the best teams, and he had a near-double-double later. High-major prospect.

Jahlil Okafor (6’10” So. C, Chicago (IL) Whitney Young HS) Although he’ll be best remembered for a dunk where he bent the rim badly enough to cause a delay, he has a lot going for him. He has a big post body that he moves well and is physically mature, and he scored in double figures in all but one game while also hauling down several rebounds even when he came off the bench. In addition, he is shooting over 70 percent from the field through the first two EYBL sessions.

Cameron Payne (6’2″ Jr. SG, Memphis (TN) Lausanne HS) Baby-faced wing has a good frame with a good deal of filling out still to do. He had an up-and-down weekend, but scored in double figures a couple of times with a good-looking jumper out to long range. The lefty also took good care of the ball from the off-guard spot and handed out a few assists along the way to his more talented teammates. Mid-major/mid-major minus prospect.

Chris Perry (6’8″ Jr. PF, Bartow (FL) High) A solid post performer off the bench for his team, he admirably played well behind Dakari Johnson and posted some nice scoring and rebounding numbers of his own. He has a mature post body and did his work inside, which is what you want to see of a guy built the way he is.

Theo Pinson (6’5″ So. SG-SF, Greensboro (NC) Wesleyan Christian HS) Long and talented wing didn’t play his best ball in the event opener on Friday, but he did play better in the second half in a 15-point effort and had one of the better plays of the night with a nice touch pass on a 3-on-1 break. Later in the game, he showed his nice stroke more from long range and also finished well with contact, and as he gets stronger he should only get better in that regard.

Bobby Portis (6’9″ Jr. SF-PF, Little Rock (AR) Hall HS) Loaded with potential, he’s long, athletic and active, and he opened up the weekend with a near-double-double of 23 points and nine boards. Through the first two sessions, he’s third in rebounding and showed a lot of good scoring ability as he scored on the post, from mid-range and long range as well as in transition. High-major prospect.

Austin Price (6’3″ Jr. SG, Farmington Hills (MI) Detroit Country Day School) A baby physically with a good frame, he took a high percentage of his shots from long range. His percentage was good, although he looked a little on the one-dimensional side.

Roschon Prince (6’6″ Jr. SF, Long Beach (CA) Poly HS) One of the most complete players at the event, this point forward-type has a good frame and body and really competed. His skill set is excellent, as he can handle, pass and score in a few ways, finishing well and posting up in addition to hitting jumpers. He also got to the foul line often, and bounced back well from a bad game Sunday morning with a good one to close the weekend out. High-major prospect.

Julius Randle (6’9″ Jr. PF, Plano (TX) Prestonwood Academy) One of the elite players in the class of 2013, the lefty has a college-ready body and was dominant as his team ran out to a big lead early and coasted on Friday night. He had an easy 15 points in that game, finishing in close just about any time he wanted to and including when he got fouled, and thus far is leading EYBL in rebounding. Big-time prospect.

Khyan Rayner (5’10” Jr. PG, Portland (OR) Jesuit HS) Steady point guard has a small body and needs to get stronger. While not a jet, he was able to penetrate some, and he had one nice scoring game with 17 points.

JaQuel Richmond (6’0″ So. PG, Greensboro (NC) Wesleyan Christian HS) An active guard with a slight frame, he got to the basket often for hoops en route to 19 points on Friday. While he knocked down a long two-point shot, overall his jumper wasn’t impressive, and improving that would be a nice development since he showed himself to be very good at getting to the basket.

Stanford Robinson (6’4″ Jr. SG-SF, Fairfax (VA) Paul VI HS) A well-built wing, he plays well within the team concept but seemed to leave something on the floor. He had a couple of nice games, but one gets the impression that he’s a better player than he shows at times, as he has the tools but doesn’t stand out the way you think he might.

Desi Rodriguez (6’4″ So. SG-SF, Bronx (NY) Frederick Douglass Academy) Although he threw down perhaps the best dunk of the weekend when he drove in and dunked right on his man, the lefty wasn’t one of the stars of the weekend although he wasn’t bad. He had a double-double in one game with 15 points and 10 rebounds, and he rebounded well from the wing. One knock is that his body language after a no-call left something to be desired.

Jared Sam (6’8″ Jr. PF, Baton Rouge (LA) Scotlandville HS) Post player wasn’t much of an offensive factor but looks like he can be a presence inside. He has a good frame and his body isn’t there yet, and at times he rebounded well. Offensively, he showed a jump hook and a jumper from the foul line in one game, which suggests he’s not lacking entirely at that end of the floor although a good deal of work remains.

Christian Sampson (6’3″ Jr. SG, Pineville (LA) High) In an early game on Saturday, he was quiet until the second half, when he really came alive to finish with 17 points on 7-10 shooting in 17 minutes. He’s basically a shooter with a good frame but not much else, as he also disappeared in the scoring column a couple of times and didn’t exactly fill the stat sheet.

Tahj Shamsid-Deen (5’9″ Jr. PG, Stone Mountain (GA) Columbia HS) Lefty point guard had a stellar weekend, scoring and racking up assists on a consistent basis. He has above-average quickness and didn’t really call his own number in a Saturday game, but wound up with 20 points nonetheless to go with seven assists. He led a small backcourt that gave opponents fits at times and took excellent care of the ball as well. There was also a highlight reel play where he made a tough jumper while being pushed away from the basket on a key late possession.

Jaren Sina (6’1″ Jr. PG, Lake Hopatcong (NJ) Gill St. Bernard HS) A guard with a mature body, the one-time Alabama commit had a so-so showing here. He was streaky shooting the ball from long range and seemed just okay from the point guard spot, and a key to his jump shot that will be a concern at the next level is that he seems to have a hitch that slows the release.

Jarquez Smith (6’10” Jr. SF-PF, Jones City (GA) High) Very long and athletic, he’s brimming with potential if he can shoot the ball more consistently than he did here. While he had games where he went 6-11 and 4-4 from long range, he also had a couple of games where he went a combined 1-9 from there. He needs to gain strength, and his body is a ways from being mature, so there’s a lot of upside here and especially if he develops more of a game off the bounce.

Jaylon Tate (6’2″ Jr. PG, Chicago (IL) Simeon HS) Quick point guard is a baby physically and won’t leap out at you on the stat sheet, but was effective running the team. He had a nice runner off the glass moving toward the right side of the hoop, and he’s not lacking scoring ability although that’s not the first thing to notice about him.

Jimmy Taylor (6’10” Jr. C, Greensboro (AL) High) Long lefty post player had a quietly good weekend, as he was close to a double-double a couple of times with good rebounding numbers. Athletic and with a more developed lower body, he was on the glass at both ends and turned a couple of offensive boards into stickbacks.

Moshawn Thomas (6’8″ Jr. SF, Chicago (IL) Hyde Park HS) He might not leap out at you, but he showed enough, including a breakout game on Sunday, to warrant further attention. A plus athlete with some length, he went to the basket often and tried to score, and as a result he got to the foul line a few times when he wasn’t able to finish. An intriguing prospect, his skill package won’t stand out, but he’s worth keeping an eye on.

Lemonte Turner (6’2″ Fr. PG, Huntsville (AL) Sparkman HS) After a slow first half in a late playoff game, he came alive in the second half. A baby physically, he successfully drove often, finishing at times but more often finding a teammate, and he looked heady on one play when he alertly drove and finished after no defender committed to stopping the ball.

Dayshawn Watkins (6’0″ Jr. PG, North Little Rock (AR) High) His body isn’t there yet, and he didn’t have a great game from the field on Friday, but he was quietly effective at the point guard spot. He ran the show and added seven boards, and was also 9-11 from the foul line.

Andrew Wiggins (6’7″ So. SF, Concord (Ont.) Huntington Prep) One of the best players here, he was a consistent scorer all weekend and shot better than 50 percent in every game. Very athletic, he scored well in several ways and rebounded well from the wing, and as good as he is now, his body hasn’t fully matured yet, so another physical boost is probably in his future.

Trevaughn Wilkerson (Fr. PF, Philadelphia (PA) Roman Catholic HS) One of the keys to his team’s playoff win on Saturday night, he didn’t score much but made his mark with physical play. He battled for position inside all night long against a terrific opponent and had his moments, and he was active on the offensive glass.

Isaiah Williams (6’1″ Jr. PG, Buford (GA) High) It was an inconsistent weekend for this floor leader, as he had a couple of pretty good games as well as ones where he didn’t shoot well. While he showed he can knock down shots from long range, that clearly isn’t his forte, and he did take one very questionable shot from long range in his team’s last game. He’s not a bad passer, although he didn’t wow anyone with it.

Johnathan Williams (6’9″ Jr. PF, Memphis (TN) Southwind HS) This left-handed post player has been on the scene for a while now, having played in this since he was a rising sophomore, and he’s progressed nicely up to this point. He now has a mature body and can score and rebound inside, and even had a nice drive and score while fouled on one play and a key stickback on another. In addition, he’s among the top shot-blockers in EYBL through two sessions. High-major prospect.

Mark Williams (6’8″ Jr. PF, Cleveland (OH) Richmond Heights HS) Well-built post player has some offensive tools, although he didn’t star in that or any other area. He showed a little range on his jumper and also scored off a stickback, and wasn’t a bad rebounder although he could get better there.

Duane Wilson, Jr. (6’3″ Jr. SG, Milwaukee (WI) Domincan HS) On Friday night, he stole the show with a 43-point outing in a comeback win in overtime for his team. A lot of those came during the comeback, as he took over the game with a lot of driving baskets and a few from long range, where he went 5-8 on the night. An athletic guard, he’s deceptively quick and finished well, and also got a stickback. He continued his high scoring later in the weekend.

Justise Winslow (6’6″ So. SG-SF, Houston (TX) St. John’s HS) One of the more underrated prospects here, he has a great body with a good frame and may not be done maturing just yet. The lefty is a point forward-type with a lot of tools at his disposal to impact the game, as he scored in a couple of ways and passed very well. If he develops a consistent jump shot, he’ll be that much tougher to guard.

Russell Woods (6’8″ Jr. PF, Chicago (IL) Leo HS) A post player with a good body and some length, he saved his best for last as his best statistical game was the last one of the weekend. He ran the floor well and got stickbacks from being active inside.

James Young (6’7″ Jr. SF, Troy (MI) High) A lefty wing with a good body that can still mature more, he had a nice weekend although he wasn’t the factor he looked like he could be in one of his team’s Sunday games. Still, he had two double-doubles on the weekend and rebounded well from his position, and impacted the game in an unspectacular fashion.


Other players who caught our attention:

Shaqquan Aaron (6’6″ So. SF, Apple Valley (VA) home school)
Jordan Bell (6’8″ Jr. PF, Long Beach (CA) Poly HS)
Trevon Blueitt (6’5″ So. SG-SF, Indianapolis (IN) Park Tudor HS)
Remond Brown (6’3″ Jr. SG, Monroe (LA) Richwood HS)
Trevor Brown (6’4″ Fr. SF, Washington (DC) Gonzaga College Prep)
Donte Clark (6’5″ Jr. SG, Charlotte (NC) Kennedy Charter Public School)
Randal Clarkson (5’10” Jr. PG, Columbus (OH) Brookhaven HS)
Samuel Craft (6’1″ Jr. PG, Memphis (TN) Craigmont HS)
Bryant Crawford (6’2″ Fr. SG, Washington (DC) Gonzaga College Prep)
Kiair Crouch (5’11” So. PG, Stone Mountain (GA) Columbia HS)
Billy Daniels (6’6″ Jr. SF-PF, Davenport (IA) Assumption HS)
Lavonte Davis (6’8″ Jr. PF, Ypsilanti (MI) High)
Shaquille Davis (5’11” Jr. PG, Brooklyn (NY) Lincoln HS)
Kyle Doyle (6’7″ Jr. SF, Augusta (GA) T.W. Josey HS)
James Gradert (6’8″ Jr. PF, Sheldon (IA) High)
Cameron Gregory (6’8″ Jr. PF, Arlington (VA) Bishop O’Connell HS)
Franklin Howard (6’4″ Fr. SF, Washington (DC) Gonzaga College Prep)
Aaron Johnson (6’6″ Jr. SF-PF, Rochester (MN) JM HS)
B.J. Johnson (6’6″ Jr. SF, Ardmore (PA) Lower Merion HS)
Jajuan Johnson (6’5″ Jr. SF, Memphis (TN) Southwind HS)
Joshua Johnson (6’0″ Jr. PG, Monroe (LA) Carroll HS)
Leland King, Jr. (6’6″ Jr. PF, Inglewood (CA) Brentwood HS)
Keith Landston (6’4″ Jr. SG, Chicago (IL) St. Patrick’s HS)
T.J. Lake (5’10” Jr. PG, Peosta (IA) Western Dubuque HS)
Ethan Lee (6’6″ Jr. PF, Chidester (AR) Camden Fairview HS)
Nick Madray (6’10” Jr. PF-C, Mississauga (Ont.) Findlay Prep)
Tighe Oberg (6’9″ Jr. PF, Islip (NY) Lincoln HS)
Peter Odia (6’3″ Jr. SG, West Des Moines (IA) Dowling HS)
Chuck Ogbodo (6’10” Jr. PF-C, Greensboro (NC) High Point Christian School)
Taron Oliver (6’8″ Fr. PF, Washington (DC) Bell HS)
Davon Reed (6’6″ Jr. SF, Ewing (NJ) Princeton Day School)
Malachi Richardson (6’2″ Fr. SG, Trenton (NJ) Catholic HS)
Gavin Schilling (6’9″ Jr. PF, Chicago (IL) DeLaSalle HS)
Bryson Scott (6’1″ Jr. SG, Fort Wayne (IN) Northrop HS)
LaDerrick Scott (6’8″ Jr. PF, Forest (MS) High)
Julian Thomas (6’5″ Jr. SF, Lafayette (LA) Comeaux HS)
Cale Thurlsen (6’8″ Jr. PF, West Des Moines (IA) Valley HS)
Jordan Tribble (6’10” Jr. C, Los Angeles (CA) Holmes County HS)
Tyler Ulis (5’9″ So. PG, Matteson (IL) Marian Catholic HS)
Lavonte Walden (6’6″ Jr. PF, Memphis (TN) Oakhaven HS)
Paul White (6’8″ So. PF, Chicago (IL) Whitney Young HS)
Kenneth Williams (6’0″ Jr. PG-SG, Houston (TX) Episcopal HS)
Luke Worthington (6’9″ Jr. PF, Mequon (WI) Homestead HS)

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